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New Arrivals!


All comes in limited pieces Non Restockable!!!

Free postage to all New Arrivals & Normal items without minimum purchase!

Also do visit our newly launch sister blog at 

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Frills Frills Frills!

*Accessories are not included*
Featured by: Today I'm Wearing!
Item Code: DSC 023 (*very limited pieces available)
Material: Silk
Colour: Grey, Blue
Size: Free

Price: RM 58
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Posted on 1:43 PM

Strippy Frills Formall Top

Item Code: TC 021
Material: Polyester Cotton
Colour: Blue
Size: Free (recommended UK 4- UK 8)

Price RM 40
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Posted on 3:31 PM

Wishing all of you 

Happy Chinese New Year & a prosperous year!

At the same time,

Wishing all couples Happy Valentines Day!!!  
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Posted on 12:50 PM

Unique Cardi

The Unique Cardi, seen this before? First time?

Item Code: TC 020
Material: Thin lyra
Colour: Brown
Size: UK 4-UK 6

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Posted on 12:27 PM

Convertible Red Dress

*The Convertible Dress *
~Visit Forever 21 for more style~
Item Code: DSC 022
Material: Lyra
Colour: Red
Size: Free

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Posted on 2:59 AM

Denim Legging

Item Code: Leggings 
Colour: Dark Denim
Size: Free Size

Price: RM 30
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Posted on 2:54 AM

The Leather Wristlet

Item Code: Bangle 
Material: Leather (adjustable)
Colour: White, Black, Orange
Price: RM 15

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Featured by: Diary of an E-Shopaholic
Item Code: TC 019
Material: High Quality Knit Cotton
Colour: Blue, Light Brownish (SOLD)
Size: Free Size (Stretchable)

Price: RM 45
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*Style 1 - wear as a top * * Style 2 - wear as cardigan *
Now @ RM 38
RM 24

In House Clearance! 
     Grab Now @ RM 38!
RM 24
1- sold, 1 - available

* Latest trend in HK *
- Selling like hot cakes -
Retail Price: RM 90
Plus 4 in 1(Quality Cosmetics Carrier, Pouch, Cosmetics bag/pencil case)!!!

* Limited Edition * * Limited Stock *

In House Clearance Sales!
Grab Now @ RM 80
RM 60

Grab now @ RM 28

Black - SOLD, Yellow, Green - 1 piece each available
RM 18

Availability:Grey, Black  
RM 30

* Style 1 *

Item Code: DSC 009 (Reserved)
Size: Free Size ( Stretchable Back )
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM 120 (inclusive of postage)
Ya, we understand that the selling price is really high. Why is it so?
Reason behind :* Superb high quality material * * Imported from HK** Limited* 
RM 60 (way below our cost price, grab it fast)

Item Code: DSC 010
Size: Free Size (stretchable back)
Colour: Ocean Blue, Red
Material : High Quality Chiffon
Price: RM 100 (inclusive of postage)
* Limited*  * Specially Imported from HK *
RM 60 * it's way below our cost price! Grab fast! *

Item Code: DSC 013

Colour: Black, Grey
Size: Free size (UK 4 - UK 8)

Price: RM 45
RM 24

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